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My Review of the Staircase Project

You might ask yourself, why would I want to read a review of the Staircase Project? It is because it’s the best case study you’ll ever find. The Staircase Project is a real-life experiment that is meant to show how a company can transform its culture, increase productivity and profitability, and even improve ethics by implementing sustainable design into its projects. 

The story begins with a high-rise construction project in China. The owners of the building wanted to install an escalator on their top floor. According to the project manager for this particular tower, this was not a decision that could be decided by an average person but needed to be carefully considered by experts. So what did they do? They designed and installed an environmentally friendly staircase as a way to combat the problems associated with escalators. What were these problems? Well, according to construction regulations, escalators must be separated from all other floors by at least one fire exit. 

The Staircase Project is not just a case study. It is a continuation of the values that the company started with. Many companies are now using sustainable design methods to create environmentally friendly buildings, which is a great way to help the environment. The company has also expanded its scope and now includes education, ethics, and sustainability in projects that they work on.

The Staircase Project is an excellent case study for anyone looking to make a change in their business or industry by implementing sustainable design methods. This case study is particularly useful if you’re looking for ways to achieve maximum profitability while also working towards making your company more ethical and green!


How did the Staircase Project start?

The project manager was inspired by a story that was told to him about the Staircase Project. The story is based on an old man who wanted to learn to make a staircase very similar to one that the project manager had installed in his building. He wanted to know the secret behind this stair’s design, so he decided to build it himself with only three materials: wood, string, and glue. With these materials, he built a soothing staircase in his garden as a way to relieve stress from work.

The project manager thought this was amazing because he used sustainable design principles and made something that was beautiful and functional for him and his family. The project manager saw how this could apply to his current construction project where an escalator had been proposed for the top floor.


What is sustainable design?

Sustainable design is the practice of designing a product or system in such a way that it remains functional and viable over the long term. Products made with the sustainable design usually have a longer lifespan, require less energy to produce, and make use of renewable resources.

How did this project transform the company’s culture? Well, according to CEO John Allen, the Staircase Project greatly transformed the company’s culture. It created an ethical focus for them by evolving from an industry that used cheap labor to one that uses talent and knowledge. 

What are some benefits of this case study?

This case study not only demonstrates how a company can significantly improve its culture, productivity, and profitability but also has many other benefits like reducing waste and increasing employee engagement.


The lessons learned from this project

The Staircase Project is a great case study because it can be applied to any type of building. It shows how design can make a significant difference in the construction process and how this can save a company money, increase productivity, and even boost the ethics of its projects.

This case study has lessons that you can use when designing your projects. For instance, remember that there are always going to be regulations with construction no matter what type of project you’re working on. Be sure to set these regulations up before you start designing, then work within them to make your project as compliant as possible.

It also shows that working with experts is important. If you don’t have the time or ability to design your project yourself or know what all the regulations are for your particular project, it’s crucial to find someone who does so you don’t run into any problems along the way. 


A great design project is the best way to learn about sustainable design. The Staircase Project is a great case study of sustainability in a design project. It’s a great way to learn how to design sustainably and how to avoid common pitfalls in sustainable design projects. The project creators did an excellent job of sharing the lessons learned from this project so we can all learn from their experience and implement them in our projects.

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