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A Trend That Will Not Disappear

Modern staircase gallery walls are an eye-catching strategy that many homeowners are using to make the most of their wall space. This design trend can be used in most rooms today, but it’s especially useful for a staircase that has the potential for visual impact. This is because a staircase wall is one of the few places where it’s ok to have your eyes drawn up and down again every time you go up or down. In general, we’re a culture that loves trends as much as we love staying neutral and grounded. That said, there are quite a few ways you can take advantage of this unique wall space to give your home an interesting focal point.

Why are staircase wall galleries so popular right now?

The popularity of the staircase gallery wall layout comes from the fact that it’s a completely customizable design. You can use almost any design you want and install it in any way you want. The wall space is yours to decorate how you see fit. You can put up a beautiful light fixture, a mirror, or anything else that suits your taste and needs. Therefore, staircase gallery walls are so popular right now- they offer an opportunity for homeowners to customize their homes and make them their own. Whether you’re looking to create a dramatic focal point or just have a way to display pictures and other objects, this trend will not disappear anytime soon. In fact, many homes use this type of design in both the entryway and on the stairs!

Stairway gallery wall ideas

This modern staircase gallery wall trend is not one that’s going to disappear anytime soon. In fact, it’s important to note that this approach can be used in almost any room of the home but is especially effective in the staircase area. This is because a staircase often has the potential for visual impact as you are going up and down the stairs, which makes it a great spot for gallery walls. There are many ways you can use this design trend with your staircase walls and there are no rules about what to put on them. A simple stairway gallery wall is all about being creative and making something beautiful out of your unused space. One popular design idea is to incorporate artwork or family photos onto your gallery walls so that everyone who enters your home gets a sense of who you are and what matters to you.

Tips for creating a staircase gallery wall

If you’re considering adding a simple stairway gallery wall to your home, there are a few things you can do to make it work.

  1. The first thing you’ll need is plenty of pictures or art that match the theme of your home.
  2. You’ll want to select pieces that all reflect an overarching theme (color, pattern, etc.). This will create a cohesive look for your staircase.
  3. Add extra decor as needed. Consider how you could use paintings, candles, figurines, flowers, and more to dress up the space.
  4. Hang mirrors on the wall opposite the staircase so that people who are coming downstairs will see their reflections as they go down. That will make it feel more like a true staircase and less like an awkward hallway area with no windows.

The best art to use on a staircase gallery wall

The type of art you use on a staircase gallery wall layout is just as important as the style of the gallery. You want to pick pieces that are interesting and eye-catching, but also aesthetically cohesive. This will help create an unbroken line of art from top to bottom, which is visually appealing for both guests who are coming up and down the stairs, and those who are walking on your floor. Another great idea is to have some murals or large paintings at the top of your staircase to catch people’s eyes before they start going down. Many different artists, including our very own in-house artist Paige Tanner, offer ready-to-hang pieces perfect for a staircase gallery walls. Simply choose a design that speaks to your style and hang them all together! Just keep in mind that whatever artwork you select should match in color palette and style with what you already have hanging throughout your home.


Stairway gallery wall ideas are all the rage, and there’s no sign of them going away anytime soon. There are so many ways to create a simple stairway gallery wall for your home! With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect design for your modern staircase gallery walls.

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