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Aluminium Stairs

Aluminium stairs

Aluminium is known for its lightweight silvery-white metal. It is the most abundant metallic element in the Earth’s crust. As known too much pure Aluminium is soft and weak. However, when combined with silicon and iron it becomes hard. This makes it useful for various works like making aluminium stairs. This allows us to access stairs that have the unique benefits of aluminium since they are easy to put up together. They arrive at the building, and they are ready to be joined for use. This not only saves the time that would have been used to make a concrete stair but also saves the amount of money that would go along with setting up a normal staircase. Additionally, aluminium is lightweight and has a high strength to weight ratio. This makes it cheaper to transport, and less labour in installing and transporting hence saving time and money.

The need for maintenance is almost eliminated with aluminium stairs. This is because of the natural oxide layer that coats aluminium protecting it from rusting. The oxide self-repairs itself in case of a scratch or scuff. This makes the stairs better looking because of this protective layer.

Moreover, Aluminium is one of the most sustainable materials on earth. Over ¾ of aluminium ever used in the world is still I good use today. This is because aluminium is easily recycled while it still retains its strengths. This makes it easy to recycle an aluminium stair to other products upon its end of use.

The key benefits of aluminium stairs are:

Adjustable height, Lightweight, Portable and reusable, Protective natural oxide layer, Recyclable, Sustainable material, versatile.

aluminium stair nosing

Stair nosing is the part on which people step the stair; hence it is the part that tends to wear out first because of the wear and tear that happens when people walk on it. Stair nosing prevents the problem of worn stairs and prevents the problem of slips and falls since they have the anti-slip features they provide.

aluminium dock stairs

Aluminium Dock Stairs let you climb to the dock easily. With its wide step options to choose from and safe handrails, they are perfect for boats, swimming pools and beaches.

prefabricated aluminium stairs

Prefabricated aluminium stairs come with a portability feature which is quite unique. Their lightweight aspects make it a popular portable stair among people. Moreover, since aluminium is rustproof it works well outdoors. Additionally, prefabricated stairs can be used in constructions, temporally structures as well as other outdoor works like fence trimming.

aluminium stairs for home

At home, aluminium stairs are quite useful. After all, they are not only portable, lightweight, and strong but also look smart. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Let’s look at the indoor use, you may need an aluminium stair to fix the light bulbs, organise your stuff on the shelf or get top of the ceiling boards. For outdoor, you can fix security lights, and CCTV, and do fence trimming among many more.

aluminium stairs price

According to amazon, Aluminium stairs start from $51 for a 6.6ft portable telescopic aluminium stairs and $150 for a 15.5ft portable telescopic aluminium stairs. This comes with easy to install as well as portability that is hard to find on other stairs. For instance, the 6.6ft weighs about 30 Pounds while the 15.5ft weighs 41 pounds. This makes it easy to carry around and even fits in any car.

aluminium spiral staircase

One of the main benefits of the aluminium spiral staircases is their durability they last a lifetime with zero maintenance even in a harsh environment.

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