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May 2022

Hardwood Handrail Hardwood Handrail Installation Guide for Your Home You’ve probably noticed that home design trends have shifted towards more minimalistic and open-concept interiors. This has posed some challenges for designers, particularly when it comes to creating welcoming entryways or staircases without

Wooden Handrail The Advantages of Wooden Handrails. Wooden handrails are a distinctly natural option for home and commercial spaces alike. They’ll suit any design or style, lending visual warmth and texture. In addition to the visual impact, wooden handrails also offer practical

Metal Handrails How to Install Metal Handrails for Outdoor Steps: A Step-by-Step Guide Having a set of outdoor steps is a great way to access your backyard or garden. However, many homeowners go through the trouble of installing outdoor metal handrails for

Wooden Staircase Railing ‍ The wooden staircase railing provides a beautiful, natural touch to any home. Wood railings provide support and stability for people using the stairs, keeping them from falling and injuring themselves. There are so many different wooden staircase railings out

Aluminium stairs Aluminium is known for its lightweight silvery-white metal. It is the most abundant metallic element in the Earth's crust. As known too much pure Aluminium is soft and weak. However, when combined with silicon and iron it becomes hard.